Saturday, February 18, 2012


Today, when I went to get the mail I wasn't expecting anything other than ads and bills, but can you imagine my surprise when I got my very first MyGlam bag?? I received a shipping code in my email, but it said the projected delivery date would be on the 22nd so I wasn't expecting anything till then.

I cancelled my Birchbox subscription in January because I just wasn't happy with what I was receiving and I also got an email from MyGlam letting me know they had more bags in stock. I am super happy with this months bag and I think I will like it way more than Birchbox.

In this months bag I got:
1. X Out Shine Control
"Stay flawless and shine free with this oil-free moisturizer with a mattifying complex."

2. NYX Roll On Shimmer in Almond
"NYX's brand new, intensely rich, shimmering powder that can be applied to the eyes, face, and body."

3. Premier Dead Sea Cinderella Mask
"Luxury skincare rich in life-enhancing minerals from the Dead Sea waters."

4. NuMe Professional Styling Tools and Hair Extensions $100 Gift Card
"Enjoy $100 towards NuMe's products. Hair tools that will revolutionize your everyday look."

5. Freeman Facial Mask Sachets in Goji Berry
"Turn your date night prep-time into a soothing spa experience with easy-to-use skin-perfecting masks."

And there was also a little box of some Ghiradelli chocolates along with a card from NYX to enjoy 30% off any other Roll On Shimmer and a card on the X Out shine control.

All of these great little samples came in the most adorable little hot pink bag with black hearts that you can actually use as a make-up bag. I think that idea is so much better than Birchbox's boxes since you can't really do anything with the boxes. And the price is the same at just $10 a month.

Over all I'm very happy with MyGlam Bag and can't wait until next month to see what great goodies I get then.

Oh and I thought I would show you a picture of the flowers my boyfriend got me for Valentine's Day. They smell divine and make my room look gorgeous.

Do you have a subscription to MyGlam? Do you like it?

Odds and Ends

 Today after a delicious lunch of cajun chicken pasta, I went to the mall. A wonderful place to spend a Saturday afternoon, wouldn't you say? It can also be a dangerous place as well.....hehe. Anywhoo I just wanted to show you some of the odds and ends I picked up.

1. I've been running low on my Clinique toner and needed to pick some up, but when I got to Macy's I saw they were selling the whole deal together so I just picked that up. It came with a full sized number 2 toner, lotion and facial soap. I usually run out of everything at different times so it was nice to have everything full.

2. The next stop was at the MAC counter where I picked up a Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in C4, which I think is a few shades lighter than my other compact I already have at home. I also got a great nude lipstick. I got MAC Satin Lipstick in Viva Glam II. 

3. Along with the MAC and Clinique visits I had to stop on over to Benefit and pick up my favorite eyebrow pencil of all times. The Instant Brow Pencil in Medium by Benefit is the best pencil I've used so far. I love how it stays on no matter what and gives me a finished look.

4. While at Nordstrom's Rack I saw this adorable Betsy Johnson cosmetic bag and I had to have it. It was on sale for just $16! That's a steal! And it's quite large.

5. I also stopped at Bath & Body Works and they were have a sale, buy 3 get 3 free and if you purchased a Pink Chiffon product you were offered a Pink Chiffon make-up bag with a mini lotion, body wash and body spray at half price.

Oh and I also the the warmest fuzziest jacket from Macy's, but I forgot to take a picture of it :(

How was your Saturday? Did you pick up any odds and ends??

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day FOTD

Annnnnnnnd it's Valentines Day! It's one of the most hated but loved "holiday" there is. I think it's a great time to spend an evening with your love, but at the same time if your single it's also a great time to go out with the girls and have some liquid courage to find a love hehe. I love all of the sappy love things out there, chocolates, roses, jewelry etc... All girls should be pampered at least once ;) 

My boyfriend A is the least romantic being out there and if life went his way he would not celebrate any sappy lovey dovey holiday, but alas he loves me and puts up with it. I don't expect too much because I know he won't do it, but we are going to dinner tonight to our favorite Italian restaurant. 

I wanted to show you lovelies what I'm wearing out tonight! It's nothing too fancy, but it does look elegant.

I decided to just do a simple black winged liner on top and a semi bold lip.
What I Used

1. Maybelline Illegal Length mascara
2. Maybelline Great Lash mascara
3. Urban Decay Primer Potion
4. Cover Girl LineExact eyeliner

1. MAC Studio Fix in NC 43
2.Tarte The Perfect Pink Infused Cheek Stain

1. Estee Lauder Pure Color lipstick in 15 Lavish Pink

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I Can't Resists Pintrest

What do you think? Can you resist Pintrest?

Super Sunday


As everyone already knows today was Super Bowl and being me, I can't stand football so what better time to spend during the game than go shopping?? I'm just not a sports kind of person I guess. 
The stores were EMPTY. No one was out today! Not surprising though. 
I want to show you what I got :)

I repurchased the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque, Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep Conditioning, Ardell Fashion Lashes in 105 and Maybelline's Illegal Length Mascara. I seem to be going through these products quite quickly! My hair is super long and thick and when I shower and wash my hair which is everyday I use the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle and the Macadamia Hair Masque every time because my hair is so dry. But, let me tell you, these products are AMAZING. My hair has not felt as healthy as it did before I started dying and bleaching it. I swear by these products! As for the eyelashes these are my go-to everyday lashes that I wear on a daily basis. My last pair was blown away by the blow dryer one night and never to be seen again, unfortunately.

The two bracelets are from Forever 21 and are amazingly sparkly and beautiful! I had to have them. My mom got some too. They were fairly cheap too! I think they were each about $4.

When I went into Ulta to get the Macadamia Masque I saw the Eyelure Katy Perry lashes. I read a while ago that she was coming out with a line of fake lashes, but I didn't know where they were going to be sold until I saw them at Ulta. I got the Oh, Honey style lashes. They look very similar to my Ardell 105's. I can't wait to try them out! I also got Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes Mascara to try out. I'm a lash addict as you can tell hehe. I've heard mixed reviews on this mascara but I figured I would try it out for myself and see what I thought of it.

And last but not least I went to Bath and Body Works and picked up a few hand soaps and hand sanitizers. They had a special on the hand soaps, 5 for $15. My mom got 3 and I got 2. I chose Fresh Picked Strawberries and Wild Berry Hibiscus. They both smell amazing! They also had a special with the hand sanitizers. I believe they were 5 for $5? My mom got 2 and I got 3 this time. I got Island Margarita, Caribbean Escape, and Fresh Picked Strawberries again. I can't resist their smells! I love them all.

About a week again I came home from school and I saw a package from Urban Decay, but I didn't remember ordering anything until I called my mom and asked her if she did and she said yeah I ordered your valentine present, open it. And inside was the lovely Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette! I was so happy because I told her about a month ago that I wanted it, but every time we would go online they would be sold out, but my momma pulled it off and got me one :) 

And the last picture is a mascara I bought a week ago. The Covergirl Lash Blast 24 Hour Mascara. I HATE this mascara! I've lost quite a few lashes wearing this! It wouldn't come off at all! Not even with make up remover! I usually don't wear waterproof mascaras and now I remember why. 

How was your Super Bowl Sunday? Did your team win, if you watch football?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Weekend Rambles

1. This week has been busy with so much psychology and anthropology homework. I've gotten it all done though :)
2. I will never wear waterproof mascara or "24 Hour" mascara ever again. I don't know how many eyelashes of mine have lost their lives that one horrid day I decided to try out that kind of mascara. 
3. If something says it feels like air, don't believe it! It "feels" like air so that means it's not air. This applies to the Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam foundation. I've never met a foundation that made me feel like I have a whole cake including frosting on my face! Isn't it suppose to be "like air"?? 
4. Sometimes just watching a funny cat video on youtube is all you need.
5. A smile really is the prettiest thing you can wear.
6. Just because you love someone doesn't mean you need them in your lives or that they are good for you in your lives. 
7. Be grateful if your boyfriend doesn't like sports! I know I am! There has been no crazy Super Bowl talk or actions thank goodness!
8. Let your mom win in Words With Friends. 
9. I need to get with the picture and do some more blog posts. I've missed you ladies and gentlemen! 
10. Be grateful that you woke up today and that tomorrow is another day to wipe away all of the negative!