Monday, September 17, 2012


Mondays are the hardest days to get started. I thought I was going to chew someones head off this morning because I was so sleepy and did not want to be up at 8 am. At the end of this week I'm finally going back to school! I'm super excited!!!! I've had a 4 month long summer break and now I'm ready to be back in the class room learning new things. I recently transferred from a community college after receiving my A.A to a state university so it's a big change for me. I'm planning on getting my B.A in English and Linguistics and eventually become a teacher. 

So on to the post. I'm writing this because with school starting I want to get back into a routine. I've been stuck on lazy mode since school got out in May. And by lazy I mean I never want to get out of bed, I shove clothes in my closet without hanging them up, I don't cook anymore, and I just slack off on everything. That's why I'm going to change things around. I'm going to be giving school my 100% attention and focus. I'm taking 4 classes three days a week and I do not have a job currently so all of my effort will go into my school work. 

The biggest thing I want to change is how lazy I've become and the best way to do that is by making sure I get myself motivated! So who's with me in giving everything you do 100%?? 

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Love Life

Whenever you're feeling blue or had a bad day, just remember that things have a way of turning themselves around. Love the live you were given and live it to the fullest! Otherwise what kind of stories will you tell your grandkids? 

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

What's in My Bag September Edition

Hello everyone! How is your day going on this fine Saturday? Mine is going surprisingly low-key. My mom is making some chicken soup and I'm in my room watching t.v and writing this post. I decided to do a What's in my Bag post since it's been forever since I've last done one. So what do you say? Wanna come and look in my purse?

The purse I'm using is my pink Kate Spade that I got for Christmas. 
1. Water bottle. I always have to have some sort
of water bottle on me.

2. Brush. My hair is super duper long and
when hair gets long it gets tangled. I hate 
having to brush out huge knots
at the end of the day so I just keep this mini one 
in my purse for quick brushing.

3. My Ray Ban sunglasses. I got these about a
month ago and I've been in love with them. I love 
how they look on me and the lenses aren't too
dark, which I cannot stand in a pair of sunglasses.
I got them at Nordstrom.

4. My Coach wallet. My boyfriend A got this for me
when he went out of town a while back. I love
how it's small, but still holds a ton of stuff! 
p.s He's got pretty good taste doesnt he?

5. Hand lotion and hand sanitizer.
I'm obsessed with keeping my hands clean.
In any given day I can wash my hands about 15-20 times
a day! I may have a slight case of OCD lol.
with all that washing and sanitizing my hands get super
dry so I have to keep some lotion with me. 

6. Burt's Bees chap sticks and MAC Viva Glam in Satin.
Just like my hand washing obsession I have a slight
chap stick obsession. I also like to carry a lipstick just 
incase :)

7. Iphone charger, book, and necessities bag.
I'm on my phone constantly so when I don't have my charger on 
me I get a little paranoid to say the least. I like knowing 
that my phone or ipad won't die on me. I also love reading so 
most of the time I always have a book on me or
on my nook app on my phone. Right now it's my Horizontal Life 
by Chelsea Handler. And for what I have in my 
necessities bag I have a picture below :) 

Well I hope you liked looking into my bag :) What do you carry in your purse? 

Friday, September 7, 2012

I've Been Pinning

 All day today I've been watching Pretty Little Liars and on Pintrest. I did find some time to make it to the gym and get a much needed mani/pedi.
I wanted to do a post on a few pictures that stood out to me on Pintrest. I mean I have 6 whole albums of pictures that I love to just look at. I mean I do get some ideas, but for the most part I just like looking at how pretty they are!

1. How pretty is this eyeshadow? I love neutrals and golds and this combination is so pretty! I could never reproduce it, but it wouldn't hurt to try.

2. If I had a wardrobe full of clothes like this, I would never know what to wear! My current wardrobe is full of yoga pants, t-shirts in various colors, Toms, and jean shorts. I love sparkles, glitter, pristine cuts and colors. I love the tailored look in clothing. I think this blazer is exactly something I would wear on a night out.

 3. If I had the guts to get this piercing I would. Back in high school when I thought I was "cool" I had my belly button, nose, septum, my ears gauged to a size 0 and my cartilage pierced. Since high school all of those have been removed and I've gone back to a single hole in my ears. I love the way this looks though.
4. Of course I would find this pretty manicure after I just got my nails done! How pretty does the glitter look with the light pink/white color? I think it's super delicate and very feminine. I just got a boring white french tip gel manicure and a bubble gum pink pedicure. But if I would have saw this before I went I would have asked for this!

What do you think about the pins I've found? I hope you are having a fabulous Friday and make the most out of your weekend!

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Good and the Bad

Currently I'm sitting at my desk watching Pretty Little Liars on my IPad, writing this, and waiting for dinner to be finished. I just wanted to write a post about my week. The good and the bad.....

The Good

  • I found Pretty Little Liars on Netflix, so I can finally get hooked like so many of you! I'm 5 episodes into the first season and I cannot stop watching it! I'm finding it quite difficult to write this post with out stopping and watching it! 
  • A (My boyfriend, not A from PLL) and I went out to breakfast this morning and it was amazing! I had pancakes galore! 
  • This weekend A and a few friends and I went and saw an improv comedy show and let me tell you, I could not stop laughing! I'm surprised I didn't have six pack abs from laughing so hard. 
The Bad
  • I've been sick since Thursday, so pretty much I've been in bed all day today and yesterday. I refused to believe I was sick on Friday and Saturday and went out with some friends anyways. I shouldn't have done that because I'm paying for it right now. 
So there you have it! What was good and what was bad. How was your week? I hope it was more good than bad :)