Friday, September 7, 2012

I've Been Pinning

 All day today I've been watching Pretty Little Liars and on Pintrest. I did find some time to make it to the gym and get a much needed mani/pedi.
I wanted to do a post on a few pictures that stood out to me on Pintrest. I mean I have 6 whole albums of pictures that I love to just look at. I mean I do get some ideas, but for the most part I just like looking at how pretty they are!

1. How pretty is this eyeshadow? I love neutrals and golds and this combination is so pretty! I could never reproduce it, but it wouldn't hurt to try.

2. If I had a wardrobe full of clothes like this, I would never know what to wear! My current wardrobe is full of yoga pants, t-shirts in various colors, Toms, and jean shorts. I love sparkles, glitter, pristine cuts and colors. I love the tailored look in clothing. I think this blazer is exactly something I would wear on a night out.

 3. If I had the guts to get this piercing I would. Back in high school when I thought I was "cool" I had my belly button, nose, septum, my ears gauged to a size 0 and my cartilage pierced. Since high school all of those have been removed and I've gone back to a single hole in my ears. I love the way this looks though.
4. Of course I would find this pretty manicure after I just got my nails done! How pretty does the glitter look with the light pink/white color? I think it's super delicate and very feminine. I just got a boring white french tip gel manicure and a bubble gum pink pedicure. But if I would have saw this before I went I would have asked for this!

What do you think about the pins I've found? I hope you are having a fabulous Friday and make the most out of your weekend!

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