Saturday, September 8, 2012

What's in My Bag September Edition

Hello everyone! How is your day going on this fine Saturday? Mine is going surprisingly low-key. My mom is making some chicken soup and I'm in my room watching t.v and writing this post. I decided to do a What's in my Bag post since it's been forever since I've last done one. So what do you say? Wanna come and look in my purse?

The purse I'm using is my pink Kate Spade that I got for Christmas. 
1. Water bottle. I always have to have some sort
of water bottle on me.

2. Brush. My hair is super duper long and
when hair gets long it gets tangled. I hate 
having to brush out huge knots
at the end of the day so I just keep this mini one 
in my purse for quick brushing.

3. My Ray Ban sunglasses. I got these about a
month ago and I've been in love with them. I love 
how they look on me and the lenses aren't too
dark, which I cannot stand in a pair of sunglasses.
I got them at Nordstrom.

4. My Coach wallet. My boyfriend A got this for me
when he went out of town a while back. I love
how it's small, but still holds a ton of stuff! 
p.s He's got pretty good taste doesnt he?

5. Hand lotion and hand sanitizer.
I'm obsessed with keeping my hands clean.
In any given day I can wash my hands about 15-20 times
a day! I may have a slight case of OCD lol.
with all that washing and sanitizing my hands get super
dry so I have to keep some lotion with me. 

6. Burt's Bees chap sticks and MAC Viva Glam in Satin.
Just like my hand washing obsession I have a slight
chap stick obsession. I also like to carry a lipstick just 
incase :)

7. Iphone charger, book, and necessities bag.
I'm on my phone constantly so when I don't have my charger on 
me I get a little paranoid to say the least. I like knowing 
that my phone or ipad won't die on me. I also love reading so 
most of the time I always have a book on me or
on my nook app on my phone. Right now it's my Horizontal Life 
by Chelsea Handler. And for what I have in my 
necessities bag I have a picture below :) 

Well I hope you liked looking into my bag :) What do you carry in your purse? 


  1. omg i want your bag! i usually don't go for red purses but that's adorable :)

  2. Lovely bag!! I'm following and hope you can follow me back!

  3. Your red bag is awesome and you have all important things with you!! I think the content of my bag looks quite similar:) Love your little make up bag:)

    Hope you visit me on my blog