Monday, September 17, 2012


Mondays are the hardest days to get started. I thought I was going to chew someones head off this morning because I was so sleepy and did not want to be up at 8 am. At the end of this week I'm finally going back to school! I'm super excited!!!! I've had a 4 month long summer break and now I'm ready to be back in the class room learning new things. I recently transferred from a community college after receiving my A.A to a state university so it's a big change for me. I'm planning on getting my B.A in English and Linguistics and eventually become a teacher. 

So on to the post. I'm writing this because with school starting I want to get back into a routine. I've been stuck on lazy mode since school got out in May. And by lazy I mean I never want to get out of bed, I shove clothes in my closet without hanging them up, I don't cook anymore, and I just slack off on everything. That's why I'm going to change things around. I'm going to be giving school my 100% attention and focus. I'm taking 4 classes three days a week and I do not have a job currently so all of my effort will go into my school work. 

The biggest thing I want to change is how lazy I've become and the best way to do that is by making sure I get myself motivated! So who's with me in giving everything you do 100%?? 

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