Sunday, December 4, 2011

25 Days of Christmas

Everyday on the First day of December up until Christmas day, for as long as I can remember, my mom has done a sort of advent calendar for me. Every morning before she leaves for work she leaves me a little present on my dresser. I love when she does this! I'm such a momma's girl. I'm 21 and she still does this for me! Have your parents ever done anything like this??

This was what I got on Day 2.
I collect Disney Vinylmations.

Day 1 I got a $10 gift card to Target
Day 3 I got a $25 gift card to Nordstrom

And today on Day 4 I got these two
Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps

What do you think about the idea of an advent calendar?


  1. That's so awesome!!! I will def. do the same for my daughter when she's older!

  2. wow,that's so good ;)
    I love advent calendar,you've got a nice tradition!

  3. this is better than chocolate! i love how you and your mom bond! you seem so close :)

  4. That's great, I got the Selfridges one so made up one for hubby and he's loving it!