Monday, December 12, 2011


First off I'm sorry for the layout of the pictures! I cannot get them how I want them!
Anywhooo, here are some pictures I've uploaded to instagram in the past week! I thought I would share them with you considering my lack of recent posts :( Booo!
I've been so busy with studying and school work and finals that I haven't really had time to pay attention to my blog.

So let's start!
Who doesn't love cupcakes? I mean really? Even me, the girl who cringes at sweets loves them! My boyfriend and I frequently haunt this little cupcake place by my house and recently we got a gingerbread one, a strawberry one, and a carrot cake one. Needless to say they were all delicious!

I know I've used this picture before, but I wanted to show you the instagram version! My mom has been doing an advent calendar for me and gives me a little present each day of December until Christmas! I love that about my mom!

A few night ago I went out with my boyfriend and some friends for a few drinks and I think I found my new favorite! Raspberry Cider! It's amazingly delicious! I had a few glasses and got a little buzz from it! Seriously if you haven't tried any alcoholic cider before I suggest you try the raspberry kind.

Oh the great turkey! This was from Thanksgiving! How long ago was that? I'm so behind! But that was our Thanksgiving bird and boy was it delicious!

That's my fish, Fish. Yes his/her name is Fish. My boyfriend tried to win me on at a fair, but failed until I gave it a try and won! He/she keeps me up at night sometimes because she takes the rocks in her mouth and moves them around the bowl making all kinds of scary noises!

And of course a Pink Ribbon!

So that's all I have for today! As soon as this week is over I promise to get back to blogging!


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