Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend Shopping

While out and about today I picked up a few necessities:

I use this EVERY day, and when I saw they
had a mini one I had to have it. It looked just too cute.

At Ulta they had a little sale: 5 items for $5.
I got two eyeliners in black and 3 face masks.

Ok how cute is this little palette?? Its the size of a
business card holder! The colors look amazing.
If you want me to do some swatches
let me know. I just didn't want to open it quite yet because
it looked to pretty. 

These were the face masks I was talking about
for the 5 items for $5. They are from the
brand Montagne Jennesse.
I've never tried them before

but they seemed like a good deal. 
The Passion Peel Off deep cleanses, purifies, and protects
The Chocolate Masque moisturizes
The Mud Pac is anti-stress

I usually don't crave sweets, but I had to give in and
get this chocolately goodness.

Dr. Feelgood and Instant Brow pencil from Benefit.
I've used Dr. Feelgood before and I have to say I've been
seduced by the velvety feeling it gives my skin.
And I ran out of my MAC eyebrow pencil so I got this one.
I've never tried it before so I'm excited.

Olay Quench Daily Lotion Plus Shimmer
I LOVE this lotion! As soon
as put it on it just sinks into my skin
and doesn't leave a greasy after feeling.
And I like the light smell.

I also got a new phone case!
My mom loves Barbies and she got me
this cute little number to
jazz up my phone. She got the same one too :)
Well that's all I got this weekend :)
How was your weekend???xxo

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