Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Last week and this past weekend as been stress central! I've had papers to write and finals to study for. So what better thing than to use an anti-stress masque? I've got one little pimple from all of the stress of studying and trying to pass classes.

Now usually my mom and I get facials from the spa we go to, but since I didn't have time and I wanted to stay indoors because it's freezing out I decided to try one of my at home face masques. I've never used at home ones before so I thought I would give you my review on it.

The masque I used was a mud pac anti stress. It wasn't a peel off kind.

It had a very nice consistency to it. And it smelled fresh and clean.

It wasn't sticky or too thick and went on very nice and evenly.

I tried to stay away from my eyebrows. 
As soon as I put it on it was cool and began tingling on my skin. 
It felt really good like it was actually working.

The directions say to wash your face with warm water to open up your
pores then spread evenly over your face and neck. It said to leave
on for 10-15 minutes to dry, but I left it on for about 20.

The end result! That's my little stress pimple. After wiping it off I felt and saw a noticeable difference.
My skin was so smooth to the touch I couldn't stop rubbing! And my nose which is usually oily looked
matte and fresh. I didn't really notice too much of my redness gone, but it did make my skin glow.

After wiping off the masque with warm water I put on some of my Clinique Moisturizer because my cheeks can get really dry.

Over all I really liked this facial masque! It gave great results. Not spa quality exactly, but really damn close! It smelled really clean and refreshing and made my skin feel great!

Have you used any at home facial masques before? 



  1. I really like this brand of face masks. I tried a self-heating chocolate one and it was just the most lovely treat for winter, it felt really indulgent. Great review! :-) x

  2. I want to try these!!! But at target I can't find them. But when I check people out I see them have it and I am Like "Where do you see these cause I can't find them anywhere??" Haha. So when the next time I go shopping I am going to hunt them down!!! X))