Wednesday, December 21, 2011

An Interview with Amalea!

About a month ago Amalea from Luscious asked me to do an interview for her and I did, so I thought I would do the same for her :) I know this is a bit late but here it is! Oh and you must check our her blog! 

1) During the winter what is your favorite kind of make up to wear? 
During the winter I tend to wear warm looking make-up, Nice browns and cream eye shadow, and instead of wearing my usual pink blusher I swap it for a light bronzer :)

2) Does your skin get dry during the winter? And what kind of products do you use for it?
I've not really noticed to be honest, but, I always moisturise before and after wearing make-up and I always use a facial scrub and wash in the morning. so if you do get dry skin in the winter try moisturising a bit more. I believe baby's products are just as good for everyone's skin, making my skin really soft and not dry at al. If you've not tried baby care products try them, you'll be surprised!
this is my facial wash.   
                                                                               I think this is amazing!
                                                                          it works fantastically. 

3) What is your opinion on plastic surgery? Would you ever get it?
Hmm, Well to be honest there's a lot of people who are a fan of plastic surgery and that's not just celebrities any more. I believe celebrities have made the public want to work on there look but that's because in magazine's they're airbrushed and it can make some people a little upset with themselves so they then have something done and it some cases can get out of hand. If you're going to have surgery I guess it's your choice but I don't agree with it myself unless it's for medical reasons. Would I ever get cosmetic surgery? when I were younger I would of said yes without a doubt as I had a lot of insecurities and were bullied at one point in my childhood but now I wouldn't want to change who I am, I was born to stand out not to fit in and that's what everyone has to remember.  

4) What is your favorite hair care products? I don't suppose there's a favourite, but I use baby shampoo and Vo5 gloss me smoothly shampoo and conditioner. I always use heat protection, I use Head Guard and I like Charles Worthington straightening balm and Nicky Clarke curling tong spritz.

5) How do you feel about using foundation everyday? Should girls use it only if they really need it or should it be an everyday thing?
I wear foundation daily, not everyday but every time I go out. Sometimes I will wear foundation when just lounging in the house which I guess is a waste but I like to feel good so I think if you're happy wearing foundation every day then do it. However, If you have good skin I wouldn't bother. I do try myself not to wear foundation as much, I don't want my skin to get bad as I get older but I'm sure as soon as I'm happy with my skin, I'll wear less until eventually I'll wear none.

6) What is your favorite time during the holidays? What are your favorite memories?
I love Christmas as it's a time for family and you can eat as much chocolate as you like :)
I have a lot of memories but one my favourites would have to be as a young child, just me and my family all in a circle cooped up in the lounge with the fire blazing as we opened our presents. My sister would always cry with happiness. That's a memory i'll never forget.

7) When do you think its an appropriate age for girls to start wearing make up? When did you start wearing make up?

When they feel as though they need it I guess, but I'm sure parents won't agree when you're ready yourself. I started wearing make-up at the age of 14.

8) What is your go to look? What products do you use?

what do you mean by this question ? (sorry if im being dumb) just explain it and i'll send an individual answer for this.

9) Would you rather have your make up look great or your hair?
That's a tough question but it would have to be hair all the way! my hair is really curly and kinky so that would have to look great always.

10) Why did you get into blogging?
I guess it's just my passion for writing, I have always loved writing stories, poems and songs, I guess it rubbed off into something eventually. I feel as thought blogging can get you somewhere in life and spread wise messages, I'm hoping for it to help me with my journalism career I want to start next year. If you can make one person happy by blogging then at least your doing something right. I'm happy myself to be blogging and I enjoy it so I guess that's why I got into it.

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