Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 In Pictures

Let's face it, 2011 was one heck of a year.
It was another year closer to the end of the world. (If you really do believe in the whole 2012 world ending thing...)
I made it through my 21st birthday unharmed and with a minimal hangover.

I passed my last math class that I needed to take!
There was heartache, happiness, sadness, ice cream, and so much love 
this year that I can't simply write everything out!

30 scoops of ice cream??? 

If you follow me on twitter you know how much I despise math!

Christmas this year was bittersweet. 
My cousin wasn't able to celebrate with us because breast cancer took her too soon.

I was able to party legally :)

Steve Jobs died.
MacBook, iPhone, and iPad
I love them all!

My mom surprised me with a beautiful cake!

L.A was at it's usual glory with smog, fast drivers,
great food, and long heat waves.

My mom got married this past October in Vegas. 

My Boyfriend doesn't seem to like taking pictures.

Another year at the county fair!

I miss her more and more everyday.

Thanksgiving brought us a great turkey dinner
with great friends and family.

Oh the imagination of a 6 year old.

The breathing treatment I had to get.
I'm still sick :(

He kept posing for pictures! How cute is he?

Pomegranate Martinis became my favorite.

Who can not love Uggs?
Even in this heat I still wear them around the house.

I bet you can't beat my score!

My dad and I started taking again.

Long hair and I don't care.

I think aliens are invading. 
I know a lot more stuff happened this year, but the post would have been way too long!
I'm so grateful for all of my friends and family.
With out them I don't think I would have the great life I have.
How was your 2011? 
Was it great or will 2012 be your year to shine?

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