Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's Haul Time!

As any girl would say, shopping can cure bad days
make good days better, cheer you up, 
and just all around make you feel

This is just a mini haul of the stuff I got today.
Nothing too fancy smancy. 

I saw this at Ulta a while back and I wanted it
for the little charm, as I think
the pink polish is a little
too light for me.
None the less it does support breast cancer
and my mom and I had to have it.

Ever since I saw the first advertisement for this 
I knew I had to try it out, but every time
I would go and look for it, it would be sold out!
But not this time! My mom found some finally.
I got the grape flavor and she got the fruit punch flavor, 
then a day latter my boyfriend and I went back and he got
me the peach one :)
I actually thought these were going to be so much better.
They are a step below regular old chapstick.
And they leave a nasty after taste....

At Ulta they had a sale on old O.P.I colors.
Usually they are $8.99 but they were reduced down to  $4.99
50% off? Who wouldn't buy them!
I actually forgot the name of the colors, but I know the green one is
from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection.
They also had a huge array of Ulta brand polishes on sale for 99 cents.
I got Piñata Yada Yada. It's super similar to Rainbow Connection.

See the similarities?

Don't judge me. I loved this pattern and I intend
to wear it even if it is a whole 10 months
until Halloween again.
And they were on sale for $4.99 from $9.99

If you've been a reader of my blog you
know by now that I love this Organix Moroccan Argon Oil Penetrating Oil
so when I saw this one for dry coarse hair I had to have it.
My hair is as dry as the Savannah desert!
And I used it already and Oh my gosh
it left my hair feeling ahhh-mazing.

I've seen a few blog posts about this eyeliner
and I thought what the heck
why not give it a try?
Turns out, I actually LOVE this
eyeliner! The little brush it comes with
works better than any eyeliner brush I've used so far.
And the color pay off is great.
It's inky black and doesn't smudge. 

The Original and Extra Strength Organix
Moroccan Argan Oil

I bought the Macadamia oil hair mask a few weeks ago
and when I went to Target today I saw this little beauty.
It seems like the same exact thing but for a fraction of the price.
I haven't used this one yet, but I'll let you know
how it goes when I do.

So that was my little haul of the day!
If you have any questions ask away.


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