Friday, January 13, 2012

New Make Up

So sorry for the lack of posts 
these few weeks. 
I lost my blogging mojo -.-

But now I'm back!
And I went to Target....

The first thing I bought was Illegal Length Mascara 
from Maybelline.
I saw this in the store last week and I didn't know
it was a new mascara so I just brushed it by
but when I started seeing posts about it
I knew I had to try it and boy am I 
glad I did! 
One swipe and OMG the length 
is amazing. Just one swipe was all I needed, 
but I contented to do my usually 400+ swipes lol.
I am very pleased with this mascara and I know
I will be buying this again.

The next item I bought was Maybelline 
Dream Bouncy Blush 05 fresh pink.
I saw numerous posts about this blush and it's texture. 
I mainly wanted to buy this to try out the texture and boy was I 
pleasantly surprised! Its like a foam bouncy ball
that you can press and mold kind of like a clay. 
Now the color pay off isn't that great. 
It's really sheer and I had to keep building it up
on my cheeks. 
Even though I kept having to build it up
I love the soft glow it left on my cheeks. 
Sorry I didn't take any pictures. I completely forgot :(

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