Friday, September 30, 2011

Randoms and OOTD

 The top picture is my outfit of the day :) nothing very snazzy since I was just going to school.
Shirt- Forever 21 I think $5
Flower print shorts- Target. I forgot how much they were
Ring- Forever 21 around $5
Sorry for the messy room :p

Say hello to my newest addition to my every growing purse collection.
My mom went shopping without me last Sunday, which very rarely happens, but I was feeling like poop and I had homework to do. She did bring me home a new Coach purse and wallet though and not to mention about 5 pairs of Steve Madden shoes which I need to return because they are a tad too small. I'm not sure what collection this purse is from or what it's called but I love it. It's huge!

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