Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Target Haul

So to beat the heat right now, I decided to go to my trusty Target and look at some new make-up. I got a few things from e.l.f and one thing from NYC.
I've been a fan of e.l.f for a while now so I decided I needed to get some more things from them. The one thing I love about e.l.f is their prices! I got everything you see up there for $10.09! Who can beat that??
1) The first thing I chose was the Brow Comb and Brush sees as how I lost mine a while back and never replaced it till now. And it was only $1!
2) Next is the Bronzing Brush. I've never owned a bronzing brush so I thought it was time to update my brush collection. This was only $1 too!
3) Now this isn't e.l.f, but I needed a new eyeliner sharpener because I broke mine today and NYC usually has really good products and this was only 95 cents.
4) This is the Cream Eyeliner in Black from e.l.f and I'm actually excited to try this out! I usually use liquid and I've never tried a cream before so I'll keep you updated on it! This was only $3 and it came with a tiny brush.
5) Ok so I have a sick obsession with false eyelashes! I wear them ALL the time! I usually wear Ardell in 105 but I saw these in from e.l.f and they were only $1 so I decided to go ahead and try them. Usually I stick just to my 105's but I couldn't pass up a great bargain and plus they look super natural. (Well natural for me anyways)
6) And last but not least is the e.l.f Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in 2402 Warm Tan. I'm a bronzer junkie and have more bronzers than shoes probably. I was going to go with the lighter color they had, but I was glad I chose this one! After swatching it I love the color. The feel is very velvety and smooth almost like a fine baby powder. And it's so shimmery!

That's all I got today! I'll do another post when I get more things. I am thinking about doing a whats in my bag post too so keep a look out for that too :) Have a lovely day!

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  1. Love the blog - I'm following it :)
    Nice haul! I also love e.l.f. makeup. I have some of their eye shadows and lip glosses. I love that it's so cheap, but that the quality of the product is just as great (or better) than the high-priced makeup brands.