Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 25

Day 25 – What I would find in your bag

The bag I'm using is my latest Dooney and Bourke I got about a month ago. I love it. It's huge and roomy and black and goes with everything.
Inside I don't have that much as you can tell. I'm always taking things out and putting things in, but this is what stays in there at any given time
1. My Ray Bans sunglasses. 
2. Phone charger (a MUST!)
3. Various lip balms and chap sticks (it's an addiction)
4. My pink ribbon pen
5. My iPhone
6. Wallet 
7. Brush (having tangled hair is my pet peeve. I absolutely cannot have tangles in my hair)
8. Silver emergency kit that has everything in it!
9. My flip video recorder
10. My iPod

What do you have in your bag?? 

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