Friday, November 4, 2011

October Favorites!

This is the first time I've done a month favorites! 
I know I'm a few days late, but better late than never right? :)
So these were some of the things that I've been using a lot this month and stuff that I love!

1) YSL Rouge Volupte in honey. I got this a while ago, but I never thought I would use it until one fateful evening. I tried it thinking what the hell! and volia! It looked amazing with my skin tone. And it was so velvety and smooth on my lips.

2) Maybelline Fit Me! Liquid foundation in color 220. I did a post on this and I can't stop raving about it. I swear this stuff makes my skin look and feel so much better than it's natural state! It's not heavy and caky, but rather smooth and airy. 

3) In this months Birch Box I got a Befine Food Skin Care Lip Serum. I've been using this like a drug! I'm so addicted to it. It makes my lips extra, super, duper soft and soooo kissable :)

4) I've been sick for the past few weeks and my skin has not been at it's top shape. It's been looking a little dull and parched looking. I got the Clean and Clear Morning Glow Moisturizer. I'm never looking back after using this. After just the first use my skin looked back to it's normal self and better.

5) For me Moroccan Oil is a savior for me! I don't know why I didn't use it earlier, but oh my gosh is you haven't tried this stuff you should do yourself the favor and get it! My hair has never felt so silkier and smoother than ever before. 

6) I use Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep Conditioner like regular conditioner. I don't use regular conditioner anymore. I've had to buy at least 2 bottles a week to feed my habit! It makes my hair so soft, it keeps it so moisturized and smelling like coconuts! 

7) I'm never using another perfume again! I've found my match made in heaven with this one. Lovestruck by Vera Wang is the best thing smelling thing next to my mom's home cooking :)

8) And last is my iPhone. I've had it a few months already and I cannot live without it. I had an Android before and I didn't know what I was missing out on. It doesn't have Siri, but it's great just the same!

So there you have it! My October favorites :) What are you favorite things for the month?

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  1. I have never tried morrocon oil but it sounds AMAZING! I can't find it anywhere! :(
    The Aussie hair conditioner is the best!

    LoveFaye xoxo