Monday, November 21, 2011

Teeny Tiny Ulta Haul

This weekend when I went to get my roots touched up at my local Ulta, I picked up a few things.

First, I got O.P.I's Rainbow Connection from their Muppets Collection. I've been obsess with this color ever since it came out and my nail salon had it. (I actually didnt get this from Ulta, I got it from my nail salon because Ulta was sold out!)

Second, I got a refil on It's a 10. It's pink because it supports the Christina Applegate foundation for breast cancer. As you know my mom and I support breast cancer as much as we can.

Third, I got Lorac TANtalizer Baked Bronzer. I love my bronzes and this one is amazing. It gives you a light flush that looks natural not too shimmery or fake.

That's a for now ;) have you tried any of these things? How do you like them?



  1. A new ULTA opened up near me! So excited! The OPI Muppet's collection looks so cute! All the colors look great! Thinking about picking up a few the next time I'm at the mall!

    I've also been wanting to purchase the It's A 10--does it smell good?

  2. the It's a 10 smells so delicious! Like the Ralph Lauren Cool perfume in the blue bottle. I love it!