Saturday, October 1, 2011

Goodies Pt. 1

I feel like I can't go a weekend with out shopping! I swear it's a serious addiction! And this is only part 1 of this post! I have another one coming with all of the lovely clothes I got too. So let's begin.
1. I got this mini emergency kit from Sephora for $13 and oh my god it's amazing. I'm always paranoid I'll be stranded without something vital so this was perfect! Inside it has: dental floss, lip balm, break freshener, emery board, clear nail polish, nail polish remover, hair spray, clear elastics, earring backs, stain remover, double sided tape, mending kit, deodorant, adhesive bandage, tampon and pain delivers! Whoo that was a lot. It's all packed in this cute silver case and ready for your purse!

2. Since my mom and I are big supporters on breast cancer research it was a no brainer that we had to get this little pallet. I didn't take a picture of the other sides, but it has three layers the top is eyeshadow, middle is lip glosses, and bottle is a blush/bronzer combo. We got it from Sephora for only $15! 

3. I got these nail polishes from Nordstrom and I think they are the cutest colors ever! I love the blue and the purple is so electric. They were 2 for $8. I got the eyelashes from Sephora and they were only $8. they are called Mink since they do look like real mink lashes. I love them and I cannot wait to wear them out.

4. Ulta was having a sale and I got this baked bronzer from Physicians Formula. I don't own any products from them so I thought I would give this a try. Hopefully it will be all I've ever looked for. I'm not too sure how much this was, but it wasn't much at all.

5. These are my favorite buys of the day! I had to get the Betsy Johnson ring! I just had too. Is so gaudy and tacky and just amazingly awesome! I got it from Macy's and it was $60. The second ring is from Nordstrom and it's so weird it's cool! It was $10.

6. Since I've seen quite a few reviews on this Natural Eye pallet from Two Faced I had to try it out for myself. I haven't used it yet, but I can tell I'm really going to like it. I love the colors. I got it from Ulta for $36.

7. Ok Ok I know I'm a little late on the Moroccan Oil trend, but I just couldn't resist! I had to try it out for myself and see if it's as amazing as everyone says it is. 


  1. Those nail polishes are lovely colours!
    I have a ring very much like that, but I bought mine from Primark!! ahah.

  2. I love Moroccan Oil and i am sure you will too! :) xx

  3. Oh I love it! the only think I don't like about it is the smell :(

  4. i love sephora! i could spend all day in there when I lived in France. Sadly they dont have t in England, sigh x

  5. I love your blog, great products thanks for sharing!

    xoxo, Chantel