Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Goodies Pt. 2

I know I promised you another post of what I got when I went shopping this weekend with all of the clothes I got and here it is! Sorry for the horrible pictures, my mom was rushing me because she was going to wash them.    
So I'm really into vests at the moment and
I thought this one was super cute with the short sleeves
I got this one from Nordstrom in the BP section

I'm also really into sweaters and stripes
and the sales lady said this one was super comfy and
goes with anything. The blue stripes are not as
blue as the picture makes it seem. I had the flash on.
I also got this from Nordstroms.

I know this one looks a little weird, but honestly
it's really cute. It a little sweater that you can wear over a
cami and it's super soft!
This was a Nordstroms buy as well.

This little tank top is amazing. I swear! It has a built in bra.
 I wore it the other day
and it looked really good! I got this from American Eagle.

This is my favorite buy of the weekend! I love this dress!!
It looks so good on! I got this from Forever 21.
And lastly I got another sweater to be ready
for the cold months ahead. I got this from American Eagle as well.
So there you have it! My haul from shopping last weekend :) Let me know what you guys think about what I got!


  1. Love the jumpers, they look so comfy! xx

  2. The Forever 21 dress is lovely! :) xx